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As part of our mission to give back to the AE Department, ASAE is collaborating with the Student Society of Architectural Engineers on a 4th year mentoring program.  This program will pair 4th year students, who have registered to be part of the program, with ASAE Mentors.  Mentors will be paired with students by the AE Department based on your responses to the questions outlined below.  The mentoring opportunity will allow students access to industry professionals.  Mentors will be able to share their experiences and guide the future of the profession at a personal level.

If you have not already joined ASAE, please take a minute to complete the online Membership Form

alumni mentor application

Please contact Jonathan Dougherty, or SSAE representative, Mary Taylor ( for more information.
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Student-to-Student Mentoring | $25 >> | 

action plan for alumni-to-student mentoring

Student Mentees & Alumni Mentors are expected to follow this month by month action plan in order to create a more effective mentoring experience.

connections kickoff 2010 review

options conference 2011 review