ASAE Alumni Society of Architectural Engineers

  • The purpose of this organization shall be to stimulate the continued interest and professional development of all graduates of the AE Department and to act as an informal advisory board to the Head of the Department. It will be an objective of the organization to promote fellowship and communication among the alumni, faculty and students of the Department in order to actively work for the improvement of the Department and the College.
  • As students, the AE Department had a significant impact on our personal and professional development and created opportunities for lasting friendships. Through ASAE, we can expand upon our ever-growing network of geographically diverse alumni and provide industry insight to the department. The Board of Directors and its members will work with faculty and current students to best prepare the future of the profession.

In fulfilling its function and responsibilities, the Society should give due consideration to the following principles:
  • Communication – Regular and meaningful contact throughout the year with alumni, faculty/staff, and students.
  • Committee Expectations and Information Needs – The Board of Directors should communicate to the Architectural Engineering (AE) Department Head or their designee the expectations of the Board, and the nature, timing and extent of any specific information or other supporting materials requested by the Board, for its meetings and deliberations.
  • Reporting to the Department Head – The Board, through the Committee chairperson(s), shall report all material activities of the Committee(s) to the Board from time to time or whenever so requested by the Board. In addition, minutes from Committee meetings should be distributed to each Board member prior to the subsequent Board meeting.

  • PSAES  Penn State Architectural Engineering Society

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