2012 Board Of Directors Election Bios

Brian Binkley

Senior Associate, Electrical Engineering, Gausman & Moore
B.A.E., 2002
Lighting/Electrical Option
I am interested in joining the Board of Directors as a way to give back to the program that has given so much to me.  I am extremely grateful for the great preparation that our program provided me with for the "real world".  I owe much of my success to the AE Dept.  I am not on the East Coast where many of our alumni are so I bring the value of being geographically removed from State College and understanding the challenges that brings to those of us who live further away.  I have also been actively involved with the Penn State Minnesota Alumni Chapter, currently serving as its President for the past 3 years.  Through this, I have been involved each year with the Alumni Leadership Connections, sponsored by the Alumni Association.

Lee (Hanel) Brant

Associate Principal, HLB Lighting Design
Integrated B.A.E / M.A.E., 1999
Lighting/Electrical Option
I have been a member of the Board of Directors since the inception and have enjoyed my time collaborating with the other Board Members on getting ASAE started, forming the committees and specifically working on the Continuing Education & Outreach Committee.  All of the Board members bring a unique perspective and we have worked hard to balance all input to continue to make ASAE more active and useful to the AE alums.  I look forward to continuing our efforts.

Christine Brazill

Principal, Aspire Engineering
Integrated B.A.E / M.A.E., 2004
Lighting/Electrical Option
I have recently started a company and with the success (or luck) I have had, I want to do what I can to give back to the AE program while being in touch with other alumni. I couldn't be where I am now without it, which is a sentiment a lot of alumni share, so I am interested in the mentoring program. Also most professionals need continuing education to maintain licenses, and as someone who needs upwards of 20 credits per year for certifications/licenses in 5 different jurisdictions, I have seen where quality continuing education is lacking. I think Penn State through ASAE is in an excellent position to provide this.

Mike Bruskin

HQ Director of Procurement, Turner Construction
B.A.E., 1987
Construction Option
Having had the privilege of serving on the Board the past several years, I am interested in continued involvement in our organization. The accomplishments to date are noteworthy as significant advancements have been made to our group and for the benefit of the Department but I think we have just scratched the surface. I look forward to the opportunity to work with the Department and the Board and members to continuously improve and increase our support of the Department and Students by way of Outreach to High Schools for perspective students, Mentoring of current students, and sharing of career experience and career planning. There is so much we can give and I hope to have the opportunity to continue to do so.

Jonathan Dougherty

Director - Corporate Knowledge Center, James G. Davis Construction Corporation
B.A.E., 1999, PhD, 2006
Construction Option
I am a founding board member and current President of ASAE.  In that capacity, I have been heavily involved in creating the society and providing leadership as we have developed.  We have made great strides in the last 3 years starting as a group helping to plan the 2010 AE Centennial and evolving into a society that has supports a student/alumni mentor program, obtained 4 monetary program grants from the College of Engineering, and continues to support AE Department initiatives.  One of the accomplishments I hope to continue, if elected, is the strong collaboration with the Student Society of Architectural Engineers; ASAE has worked cooperatively with SSAE on many mutually beneficial events and this synergy is just the beginning.  Additionally, I look forward to more alumni involvement in the society as we continue our committee structure and expand its influence.  Given my commitment in the early developmental stages of ASAE, I have a vested interest in the society’s future success, and I hope to continue the good works of the society while working with a great group of AE alumni who I admire and respect.

Jennifer Leach

Sales Engineer, Cummins-Wagner 
B.A.E., 1995
Like many others, I'm proud to have graduated from the best AE program in the country.  I've had a wonderful career working in the HVAC field.  A career bolstered by the education I received at Penn State.  I would love an opportunity to give back to the program that has given me so much.

Bill (William) Trach

Professional Engineering Consultant and President, TRACH Cellars, Inc.
B.A.E., 1967
I am completing my first term as a board member. I think I can offer information about of what an engineer in private practice need to do to work with the team of a building project. In the 41 years I have been a P.E. I have designed, signed and sealed the contract documents for about 1500 projects. These have been public schools, college/university buildings, Corp of Engineers facilities, Hospitals, etc. I can share the information of how this process functions and what it is like to future design AE’s. I have been part of the mentoring committee.   

Nicholas Umosella

Project Engineer 2, Barton Malow Company
B.A.E., 2010
Construction Option
During my time at Barton Malow, I have reflected greatly on the education I received as a Penn State AE and how my education has separated myself from others in my organization. Much of this education came from not just hired practitioners, but also from the numerous alumni volunteers. It is time for me to repay that debt to the Penn State AE community and the brothers and sisters who helped me become the engineer I am today. In my short time as an employee of Barton Malow, I have worked on the University of Michigan Stadium Project, Beaver Stadium North Egress expansion, the Penn State South Halls Renovation and New Building Design Build, and the Maryland General Hospital Expansion project (intern). I am part of the new technology community in Barton Malow which is dedicated to expanding our in field technology use. The experience I have working with different and dynamic teams, I believe, will be of great value to the board and hope that I am considered for this position. I firmly believe that it is a responsibility to help better the Penn State AE community. Thank you.

Jonathan Williams

Principal, Real Projectives, LLC
B.A.E, 1993
Construction Option
Almost twenty years since graduation, I appreciate more each day the value of a Penn State AE degree from the salient education to lasting experiences in our special program.  I joined the Board of the alumni society three years ago to both renew connections and help lead stronger alumni understanding and involvement among the AE department, students and colleagues.
If re-elected, I will continue to actively participate in Board calls and retreats to especially focus on improving our membership roster and communication aspects as part of that committee.  I believe we should better Inform, Connect and Excel the entire AE alumni, staff and student family!